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Reset HDD Password in Dell Showing:

Service Tag plus Hard-drive S/N

Known Dell Models: Dell Inspiron, Dell XPS, Dell Vostro, Dell Latitude, Dell Alienware, Dell Optplex,

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Dear Customer:

If you have a Dell Laptop Desktop or Tablet Showing: ( Service Tag + Hard-drive S/N Password, You can buy your password here, so enter your Dell Service Tag plus the Hard Drive S/N below and hit buy now.

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Your password plus instructions will be sent by email within 5 minutes or the most it takes is 2 hours, password will work 100% or your money back.

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Supported Models We can Reset:

Dell: Inspiron 14z 5423, Inspiron 11 3164, Inspiron 12, Inspiron 13z N311Z, Inspiron 13-3541, Inspiron 14, Inspiron 14 3451, Inspiron 14Z 5423, Inspiron 14 N4050, Inspiron 15, Inspiron 15z, Inspiron 15 N5010, Inspiron 15R N5110, Inspiron 15 N5040, Inspiron M5040, Inspiron 15 N5050, Inspiron 15 3520, Inspiron 15 3521, Inspiron 15 7000, Inspiron 15 7547, Inspiron 15 3541, Inspiron 15 3878, Inspiron 15Z 5523, Inspiron 15 3000, Inspiron 16r 5110, Inspiron M511R, Inspiron N4030, Inspiron N5050, Inspiron 17, Inspiron 17 5748, Inspiron 17R 5720, Inspiron 3421, Inspiron 3542, Inspiron 3543, Inspiron 5421, Dell: Vostro 1440, Vostro 1540, Vostro 2420, Vostro 2520, Vostro 3300, Vostro 3400, Vostro 3555, Vostro 3550, Vostro 3700, Vostro V131, Dell: XPS 12-9Q33, XPS 14 L401X, XPS 15 9530, XPS 15, XPS 18 1810, Dell: Latitude 3440, Alienware: Alienware 17 R2 OptiPlex: optiplex 7040, optiplex p20s, optiplex P18F

Main Problem and Solution on Dell Laptop Tablet and Desktop When Bios or Hard drive Password set:

When you turn on your Dell, it will ask for HDD password, Enter 3 wrong passwords and your Dell will show the Service Tag Along With The Hard-drive S/N, This S/N can be 8, 9, 12, or 14 characters for the code, We will use this Code to generate your password.


Please Note: We like to think that you are unlocking your own Laptop Desktop or Tablet and that you know how many passwords are set,

Know that Bios Password is used to unlock the motherboard, and hard drive password unlock only hard drives,

Bios & HDD Passwords Are Sold Separately.

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